Baltic Candles is GREEN THINKING company.

We put all our effort to make the most environment friendly product in the market.

For GO GREEN product we use renewable raw materials and environment friendly energy of HPP (hydropower plant) - trying to minimize waste in all possible ways!

Baltic Candles is one of the very few producers in Europe fulfilling the Scandinavian ECO SWAN regulations. We obtain the Scandinavian ECO SWAN certificate, that gives us a right to sell stearin candles with SWAN mark logo.

Our products also fulfill and apply all the highest European RALnorms. ( institute for quality assurance and certificates).

Baltic Candles reduce all the waste, following highest standards and fulfilling complete recycling program! All garbage is sorted and sent for recycling.

We work, live and think GREEN for our children and world.

Search for the LOGOS and let us GO GREEN together !

Thanks – kind regards

Baltic Candles Ltd.